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Eye tails

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Crow’s feet 

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Sagging neck

anti aging


Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Upper Lips

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Frown Lines 

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Loose facial skin

Naturally aging

Post Acne Erythema


What is ZUKOI

skin booster?

Let me get you start 

ZUKOI skin booster is a skin detoxification and collagen booster.

After a long day of

- heavy makeup

- air pollution

- dust

- stress

- natural aging 

- lack of rest 

These are some causes of damage facial skin, the shrink of collagen strength led to major skin issue.

What is ZUKOI skin booster for?

ZUKOI skin booster is the new innovation for effective natural skin detoxification for a better skin health, stimulate the building collagen process, detox facial skin, etc.

ZUKOI skin booster prevent


- Wrinkles

- Loose facial skin 

- Saggy aging neck skin

- Post acne erythema 

- Not-dissolving facial skin moisturizer 


What can ZUKOI skin booster Do for you?

For the better, healthier, facial skin. You might think that having the best facial cleaning routine and moisturizer is enough.


Fun fact, that might not be the case. Due to the environment surround us, there are more factors that causes our skin to be damage and not ready for any magical moisturizer.

ZUKOI skin booster will effectively detox your facial skin cells to be more purify, refreshing a collagen building process, more skin elasticity, all these positive effects will be resulting in more purify, elastic, moist, and healthier facial skin that is more suitable for any kind of more effective treatment

prepared your skin for treatments

With the healthier skin, more elasticity, more collagen building by skin booster, helps any facial or body treatments to have an even more effective outcome

More Info Down Below

Super HIFU

HIFU treatment will be more effective on the deeper level on your skin after ZUKOI skin booster treatment, thus it is highly recommended to do before HIFU


Shimi Tori Laser

The same effect could happened as HIFU with Shimi Tori Laser treatment.

the healthier facial skin, the more effective the treatment could be.

Recommended before Shimi Tori Laser.



Electroporation combine with ZUKOI skin booster could maximized the outcome for both treatments.

For the better, healthier, glow up facial skin.  


iTO lift

After ZUKOI skin booster, the healthier, more elasticity prepared skin will result in a more effective PDO lift.



More elastic, higher collagen amount in your skin will have a positive impact on HIFU Body treatment. The result will firm your body even more, especially belly area.

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