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Get rid of facial hair

Smoother, more toning facial skin

Get rid of Annoying Chin Beard

No more shaving

Get rid of Unwanted hair



What is Facial Datsumo Laser?

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Facial Datsumo Laser is the hair removal treatment specially on facial skin. 

ZUKOI clinic present Mercury Machine, the innovation from wontech company. The high quality hair removal treatment not only get rid of your unwanted hair permanently after several use, but also toning facial skin, decreasing acne problem, tighten your facial skin, decreasing vascular lesion, etc.

Anyone could get this treatment:



Why Datsumo Laser?

I mean I could gone waxing, or shaving.

Since getting rid of hair is challenges especially the unwanted hair


  • By shaving It of, actually irritate your skin as a result it will lead to another facial skin issue

  • By waxing, it is great due to the long duration till you get another wax treatment. In contrast, people with high sensitive skin might face the obstacle of ingrown hair which is another skin problem.

Permanently get rid of the unwanted hair by laser is recommended to avoid all those cost on your skin.

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