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Forehead Wrinkle

Wrinkle Lifting

V-Line Forming



Neck Wrinkle 


What is Macro HIFU?

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The Macro HIFU is a MMFU (Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound) technology for skin

lifting and contouring. The Macro HIFU provides non-invasive treatment applicable

on both the face and body with no downtime. The Macro HIFU is a global

technology which has been certified and tested for safety all over the globe.

What Facial HIFU

can do for you?

How the treatment could help your facial 

skin issue?

The machine engineered capabilities endless combination of treatment regimens, ZUKOI facial treatment is suitable for any patients with the following concern which are

- Loose & sagging skin

- Skin Folds

- Fine Line & Wrinkles

- Sign of aging

- Decrease in skin elasticity 

- V Line Contouring

- defined jawline 


What is Facial HIFU?

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Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound technology assisted with multi-functional cartridges, specially designed for treatment of the body to combine with previous 1.5, 3.0, 4.5mm cartridges in order to enhance its treatment effect. Currently, 4 & 7Mhz transducers create Micro coagulation into dermis and SMAS while 2Mh transducers deliver Macro energy into subcutaneous fat to selectively remove fat cells. This innovation of transducers generates 8 times the ultrasound energy than procedures used previously maximizing customer satisfaction and reducing .

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