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Sweaty Armpits

Sweating too much



Office Syndrome

Painful sore shoulders


Office Syndrome

The benefit of Botox could be use to heal office syndrome 

By spending time sitting in office for over 8 hours, you back is holding and the pain stared to getting worse.

Office Syndrome usually occurs in the people between aged 20 to 60.

By injecting Botox will be numbing muscle in those area and drastically release pain. 

Which will result in curing office syndrome pain, workaholic, nastiness, strain, diet, sleepless, etc.

for the better work life balance, this procedure is recommended for those who spending time overworking, work hard but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Sweaty armpit

Who does not hate sweaty armpit?

Sweaty armpit leads to many cause of embarrassment, the wet underarms shirt, soaking tank top, yellow underarms shirt, and most terribly a strong BO.

Botox injection in a small scale by the professional could numbing the underarm area muscle. 

The result after a procedure will be less working underarm muscle, less sweat, and less BO.

if you are one of the kind who have an active lifestyle, love playing sport, work hard play harder. This procedure is recommend for you, for the best self care that you could get for yourself.


Disproportion Calfs

Thick thighs save life

Thick calfs save nothing

The lower part of legs could get bigger or smaller due to daily life activity and exercises. 

Too thick calfs created the delusion of disproportionate half bottom of a body.

Botox injecting in a small amount will be decreasing functional muscle in the lower part of legs area, will result in smaller calfs. Balancing your beauty body proportion.

this procedure is recommend those who have to bid, thick, and disproportion calfs and wish to have a proportional half of the lower body.


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