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Surgical Scar

Reducing scar from past surgical procedure 


Facial scar 

Acne Scars

Reducing acne scars


Reducing pores size

Uneven Skin

Experience evenly skin


Stunning skin


Why you need this?

Keana Shukusho Laser

Fractional Er: YAG laser 1,550 nm 

Sellas Evo provide the wide range of indications, wrinkles, photo damage, Acne scars, surgical scars, vascular lesions, solar lentigines, Skin tightening, tighten pores.

The advanced technology gives this procedure the advantage to work well with every skin types. If you have any concern on marks.

Why Keana Shukusho Laser?

Why not other procedure?

With the 1,550 nm of fractional laser treatment, it will gently heat skin tissue with infra-red light. The skin tissue will respond with the improvement of skin with clearer, healthier, more vibrant looking skin.

The treatment will be more intense with Keana Shukusho Laser than other pro fractional and fractional CO2 resurfacing, more recovery time is needed.

and with ZUKOI, we provide you with professionals which guarantee the best customer service


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