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Skin elasticity
Reduces fine line/wrinkles
Reduce dead skin cells
Better skin tone/texture

Skin lifting


What is REJURAN?

Let me get you start 

SKIN REJUVENATION is an injection which meant for skin rejuvenation developed and produced by PharmaResearch in South Korea.


 - Polynucletides (PN) is purely DNA extracted salmon

 - facilitate healing process of skin

 - Improve overall skin quality


Rejuran highly bio-compatible DNA to develop haling overall condition on damaged skin for those who desire a natural healthy skin.


- Developed skin texture healing and reduced the size of enlarge pores

- Developed skin elasticity and decrease fine wrinkle

- Developed better skin hydration 

- Excellent Recovery the skin balance

- Natural results, the treatment will not alter the face feature 


How long does it take to finish the procedure?


- about 1 hour


After treatment


- there will be sign of treatment, preferable staying indoor and minimize the possibility of goin outside to avoid external damage and straight sunlight for 1 day or 2 days

- no makeup, massage, saunas, strenuous exercise, extreme temperature and movement might cause external damage 


When can I see result? 


- after REJURAN 1st session within 3 - 5 days


How often should I get it done for the excellent result? 


It is suggested to do the first 3 session with 3 weeks intervals and the 4th session with 3 months intervals

FREE CONSULTANT with the professional 

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