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The restoration of the natural skin appearance with non-invasive, and no doubt time treatments.

Welcome to the new era of

  • tattoo removal

  • pigmented lesions

  • skin treatments 

Zukoi clinic introduce you to DISCOVERY PICO DERM LASER

benefit of the newest technology

  • multiple indication 

with the various series of lasers would be able to cover the issues more than others 

  • limited down-time

  • gentle effect 

utmost safely for all types of skin 

How does DISCOVERY PICO works so well?

Discovery Pico Laser Beam are extremely absorbed by all types of skin water and accordingly by all the skin layers. 

Discovery Pico Laser also remove the most superficial skin layers and the heat that eventually stimulate the collagen regeneration. WITHOUT ANY SCALPEL OR STICHES





m e l a s m a 
d u l l n e s s 
a g e     s p o t s
d a r k    s p o t s
p o r e s  


irradiating the entire face with a low-power, short pulses of picoseconds, the laser destroys pigments that remain in the skin more finely than other laser toning

Recommended for people with sensitive skin as it reduces the risk of burns and pain caused by irradiation. 

Only targets the cause of skin problems to minimizes damage. You can expect better results with repeated treatments.



 f i n e    d o t s    o f  
I r r a d i a t i o n
r e g e n e r a t i o n
s k i n    c e l l s 
t i g h t e n    e n l a r g e d
p o r e s

Pico Fractional Laser irradiates in picoseconds, which is shorter than fractional lasers, pain and damage are reduced. 

Recommended for those concerned about enlarged pores.


 s c a r s 
s t r e t c h   m a r k s
a c n e   s c a r s

It stimulates the cells with fine dots of irradiation to promote cell regeneration, leading to the improvement of acne scars, scars, and stretch marks.


This also reduces pain and damage because it irradiates picoseconds, which is shorter than fractional lasers.



 r e s t o r e 
p i n k    l i p s
r e v e r s e    d a r k e n    l i p s 
f r o m 
s m o k i n g

This is a treatment that can restore the pink color to lips that have darkened due to continued application of lip balm for many years, or lips that have darkened due to smoking, etc.


Dark spots in other areas may also be improved.

Limited 3.png
Limited 3.png

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