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Acne scars

Dark spot

Redness from 

acne scar


Port wine stains

Striae rubra


Shimi Tori Laser

is performing by

Dual Yellow

Dual Yellow is the multi length laser which offers user: 511 nm and 578 nm. The purpose is to get rid of the redness, the acne scars, the dark spots, the freckles, and any other discoloring facial skin issue.


Yellow Laser

The wavelength of 578 nm 

The Yellow laser 578 nm provides high skin penetration best absorption for vascular lesion. The wave will directly conduct with hemoglobin. In other words, the yellow laser will be performing in purpose of getting rid of:

1. Redness from acne scars

2. Acne scars

3. Striae rubra

4. Port wine stains

single treatment results for telangiectasia

Green Laser

The wavelength of 511 nm


The green laser 511 nm offers fantastic absorption for pigmented lesions. Flat, solid, or bulky lesions. The wavelength strongly absorbed by melanin, which are dark discoloring spot on your face.

With Dual Yellow Green Laser, the recover will take minimal time due to the little or no damage 

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