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Z wave



Cellulite, the obstacle for having smooth skin

Do you know? The wrinkling  surface of skin called “cellulite” Could be develop even young adult, mostly overweighted young adults and increasing age the changes are recognized in 80 to 90 percent of women

Many people have been trying to hide their cellulite by wearing long pants, long skirt, and sometime photoshop in their picture.

Good news is that there are way to deal with cellulite, and get rid of them.

Z waves

The most painless, convenient, effective treatment to get rid of Cellulite.

High Energy radial shock waves treat cellulite cosmetic conditions efficiently.


Z waves is the most compact high energy radial shock waves system available in the present day


The advantage of Z waves are:

- painless

- require no recovery time

- convenience 

- visible results



Z waves tool

The reasons why Z waves is the top shock waves system cause the Z waves tool is holding many accountability of advance innovation 

Ergonomic headpiece applicator effectively stabIlize treatment which result in a visible outcome.

- easy and reliable to hold  

- minimum distraction element

- no required to press

- less shaky, less vibration

Z waves from ZUKOI

What to expect when you are in a good hands

High energy shockwaves has proven to have ability to improving blood circulation which later will be resulting in the collagen structure and skin connective tissue.

ZUKOI provide you with Z WAVES treatment, the applicator is well trained and full of experience. You can relax while the applicator is working on getting rid of your cellulite. Woke up and enjoy the visible smooth skin 


FREE CONSULTANT with the professional 

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