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Eye tails

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Crow’s feet 

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging, 

eyebrows lift

Defined Jawlines

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging


Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging

Upper Lips

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging,

Gummy smile,

Flare nasals

Frown Lines 

Prevent wrinkle,

anti aging


What is BOTOX?

So lets talk about BOTOX

Botox for cosmetic and medical uses are for weakens or paralyzes muscles in a small scale could potentially reduces skin wrinkle and aid solve other medical condition for instance office syndrome.

Botox cosmetic is well know medical Botox supply from the USA which has been around for quite some time. The performance is over the top which include anti wrinkle, anti aging, numbing muscle from office syndrome pain, etc.


Brand new Korean’s Botox

The newest brand from Kimchi land Korea, NABOTA. Botox highly purify with purity rate approximately 98.7% 

The best part of this brand new Botox from Korea is 

- more affordable price

- highest purify rate 

- more effective than other low purify rate

- Thai FDA and other FDA approved

- noticeably outcome

- fast recovery


FREE CONSULTANT with the professional 

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