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The world’s 1st MESH cog thread


TESSLIFT SOFT products are provided in absorbable types. Strands are manufactured

with extra strengthened barbs and meshes to give the unprecedented results.

The world's first PDO mesh threads overcome the early recurrence of sagging.

Few of these threads will equal in strength to hundreds of the conventional PDO

of the conventional PDO or lunch-time threads.

Special Features of TESSLIFT SOFT

TESSLIFTSOFT is a very effective surgical technique because it has absorbent BARB and three dimensional mesh structure unlike the existing thread

Long lasting effect of the new innovation

A new generation of thread lighting that is incomparable to the conventional threads with the maintenance period 3 time longer compared to the regular thread.

More invisible 

Tesslift mesh can prevent bridging effect and scar plate formation for the patient, there will be less signs of scaring compared to other thread

Outstanding tensile strength

Strand equilibrium of tension which will result in tensile strength in porcine model, Tensile strength 80 times stronger than the regular thread

Unique capabilities

Powerful new generation thread with the world’s first premium mesh suspension system with 3D mesh and BARB. As a result, TESSLIFT will give the patients the unique lifting and long lasting result.



The procedure

Carefully prepared yourself for fabulous procedure.

For the safety of patients, ZUKOI will be using the injectable anesthetic to prevent any pain.

TESSLIFT MESH will be inserting into the wanted area by professional.

The procedure usually takes 60 minutes.

It required professional technique with TESSLIFT MESH procedure to get done with patient for the safety precaution and beauty result.

The result will be immediately noticeable after the procedure. 

  • using hollow needle, the thread is transitioned onto the targeted site

  • once the thread is there at pre-marked end spot, the needle is removed

  • insert the remaining thread 

There might be some swelling after the procedure, the doctor will describe prescription to fasten the healing process


What can TESSLIFT soft 
give you?

Effective lifting and holding MESH results

  • Design based on the biomechanics to maximize the initial stage holding power with BARB

  • Design employing the tissue engineering mechanism to maximize the tensile strength in subsequent phases

Exquisite lifting

  • Fully effective tissue ingrowth via mesh in 2 weeks

Powerful Effect in 60 minutes, Dr.Po will be proceeding to perfect the procedure, needs to be precise and required a lot of attention and concentration.  

  • Erase wrinkles by pulling up tissues

  • Pre-Fixation Strength provided by barbs

Po Sensei participated in Professional Tesslift soft training by
Dr. James Min Kim.


Avoid facial expressions

Refrain from excessive movements 
of the face, including opening 
the mouth widely for about 2 weeks.

Airbrush Makeup Application


Makeup can be applied

24 hours after procedure


Face wash

You can wash your face after one day 
following the procedure, 
however, for 5 days, do not rub your face 
excessively during your wash.


No face massage

You can wash your face after one day 
following the procedure, 
however, for 5 days, do not rub your face 
excessively during your wash.

FREE CONSULTANT with the professional 

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