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360 Degree Beauty


MINT LIFT EASY (43 cm) is a lifting thread (facial tissue fixation thread) made of dissolvable material polydioxanone (PDO) with 360ο, 3D helical barbs to pull and fixate skin tissue for wrinkle improvement. 

It is a PDO thread for facial tissue fixation, not for suturing, to deliver safe and outstanding results. 

Developed under patented molding pressed technology, the helically positioned 360ο, 3D barbs have high tensile and anchoring strength to provide superior results.

Special Features of Mint lift

Unrivaled engineering and powerful lifting effects through its patented molding pressed technology and patented helically positioned 360º, 3D barbs.

360º, 3D Helical Structure

Mint Lift’s 3D barbs are molded and positioned helically in 360º on the thread surface

Mint Lift’s 3D helical barbs firmly fixate and lift from all surface of the skin tissue’s 3D structure to achieve an outstanding and powerful lifting effect

Patented manufacturing process

Unlike the conventional threads that are produced by cutting technology, Mint lift PDO is manufactured 
by patented molding pressed technology and has superior tensile and tissue fixation strength. 

Patent Submissions in 10 Countries Worldwide (patent No.: CPCTP11-0007)

Outstanding tensile strength

Molding pressed Mint Lift has tensile strength 4 times stronger than that of the conventional cut threads.

Powerful fixation capabilities

Unlike the conventional cut threads, Mint Lift with its molding pressed technology has powerful fixation capabilities as there is no loss in the structural integrity and core of the thread.



The procedure

Carefully prepared yourself for fabulous procedure.

For the safety of patients, ZUKOI will be using the injectable anesthetic to prevent any pain.

Mint Lift will be inserting into the wanted area by professional.

The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes.

Mint Lift is fast and convenient procedure to get done the result will be immediately noticeable after the procedure. 

  • Bidirectionally cogged thread suitable for lifting

  • Immediate lifting effects can be visible due to the powerful tensile strength of Mint lift’s 360°, 3D helical barbs

There might be some swelling after the procedure, the doctor will describe prescription to fasten the healing process


What can Mint lift give you?

Long lasting anchoring results

  • Fixation type composed of zigzag-aligned cogs

  • Offers diversified product line-ups in terms of the thickness and lengths of threads needed

  • Maximization and increased longevity of natural-looking lifting effects

Exquisite lifting

  • Lifting dedicated for localized areas

  • Possible to correct areas that are difficult to cover with conventional procedures such as the nasolabial folds or forehead wrinkles

Safe ingredients

  • Minimal side effects as a harmless thread that dissolves in the human body

  • Promotion of skin tissue regeneration to improve sagging skin


Avoid facial expressions

Refrain from excessive movements 
of the face, including opening 
the mouth widely for about 2 weeks.

Airbrush Makeup Application


Makeup can be applied

24 hours after procedure


Face wash

You can wash your face after one day 
following the procedure, 
however, for 5 days, do not rub your face 
excessively during your wash.


No face massage

You can wash your face after one day 
following the procedure, 
however, for 5 days, do not rub your face 
excessively during your wash.

Approval of PDO Thread for facial lifting

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FREE CONSULTANT with the professional 

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