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 p i g m e n t e d
l e s i o n s
v a s c u i a r
l e s i o n s
a c n e

Selective Thermal Effect for Basement Membrane & Blood Vessels. Pulse wave irradiates RF energy in the form of multiple pulses. It's selectively affected highly conductive tissues as microvascular components, small blood vessels or basement membrane with no noticeable effect on surrounding tissue.


By curing the underlying cause treat melanoma/redness as well as
improve skin tone.

Pulsed Wave Mode Vascular pigmentation

Limited 4.PNG
Limited 5.PNG


 s c a r s 
s t r e t c h   m a r k s
a c n e   s c a r s

Thermal Coagulation, 'Na effect' for Total Dermal Layer. CW mode creates wide, independent coagulation around each electrode. The coagulation area continues from deeper dermis to upper dermis with one penetration. 


Promising optimal skin rejuvenation,
for a firmer,
more youthful looking appearance.

Continuous Wave Mode Skin Rejuvenation

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